13 July 2011

under weight..oh no!!!

yesterday, i brought my little boy, Syafiq Zikry to Klinik Kesihatan

for his 18 months checkup and 'cucuk'

the doctor said that his graph of weight is not 'cantik'

in other word my little boy is under weight

yes, i admit it..he has no appetite on food lately

giving him eat like we're facing a war

after all he just eat at most 4-5 'suap' only..frustrated!!

sometimes i feel give up to cook and feed him

and then i will punch myself "kalau aku tak masak,kesian anak2 lapar.."

that what i was facing with almost everyday

trying my best to cook for my children (and hubby) although i'm not a good cook

and even i know at the end only my hubby will finish the dishes

but after heard the doctor said yesterday

how it can be bad if my child continuously don't want to eat

how it can effected his growth

how it can make my baby unhealthy


i just scared all the bad things will happen to my child

i even can't sleep soundly when i think about it

so what should i do????

after i google and ask opinion from my close friend

i decided to start with giving him...


ubat cacing ZENTEL

maybe 'cacing' killed his appetite rite?

who knows...

another one, i buy him this..

Pharmaton - Multivitamin syrup with lysine and calcium

hopefully this will help to increase his appetite

other than these i will keep on cooking his favorite food (actually hard to determine his fav one)

make varieties and colourful in my cook

and lastly pray to Allah for give me strength to give my best for my child


the boy in the story

p/s : ignore the grammar in my writing above..tunggang langgang rasanye :p..ehehe


  1. Almira pun seksa nak makan
    klu 5 suap sehari tu dah kira bnyak la. doc siap bagi multi vitamin lagi

  2. doktor ku tak bagi pon multivitamin..kene la cari sendiri

  3. syira try bagi appeton lyshen(pronous betoi spelling mcm kelako) syrup.

  4. tq kak yong.abis pharmaton tu saya beli appeton plak :)